Mahón Semi-curado

Weight: 250

Maturation: 4 to 6 months

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Pressed hard cheese

Mahon cheese originates from Menorca, the Balearic Island between the coast of Spain and the Italian Island of Sardinia. It was awarded in 1985 the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) which reflects the rich history surrounding its production on the island. Indeed, Archaeologists have found ceramic tools used for its production dating back to 3000 B.C!

The pasteurized cow milk curd is shaped into a square using a special cotton cloth, which gives the cheese its distinct cushion shape. The cheese is then pressed, imprinting the pattern of the cloth into the cheese.
Aged less long than Mahón Cave-aged, however, it is also continually turned and rubbed with olive oil and paprika to form a dark rind. The result is a unique and powerful cheese: bright, flaky & salty. Mahon demands the earthy spiciness that only a glass of Rioja can bring.

Store in the fridge, wrapped in parchment paper and consume within 2 weeks.

Wine Pairing:

Spanish red wines

Appelation Origine Protegge (AOP) label



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