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Our cheeses, cold cuts and other products are directly sourced in their country of origin in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain or Greece.

Visit Our Suppliers page to learn more.

The Appellation d’Origine Protégée – AOP (Protected Designation of Origin – PDO) stands for a product for which the principal steps of production are done following a well-established technique within the same geographical area, which gives the product its characteristics.

The Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée – AOC (Control Designation of Origin) refers to products meeting the criteria of the PDO and protects the denomination on the French territory. It constitutes a step towards the PDO, now a Europe-wide sign.

The Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) identify an agricultural product, raw or processed, which quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.

The Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (DOP) refers to products meeting the criteria of the PDO and protects the denomination on the Italian territory. It constitutes a step towards the PDO, now Europe-wide sign. It can also relate to products not covered by European regulations (e.g. forest products case).


Your box deliveries are handled by Flow Services. Refer to our Delivery Guide for more information.

Following our business model, the delivery date (or dates, if spanning over a few days) is (are) fixed and can’t be changed. The date(s) will always be communicated to you before placing your order and in the event of a change, you will be informed at the earliest.

As for the delivery time, members can choose between 2 timeframes: 9am to 6pm or 6pm to 9pm. You’ll receive a text message prior to our logistic’s partner arrival.

Our logistic partner will first try and connect with you via the phone number disclosed during your order process to get guidance from you.

Your delivery will be left on your doorstep (unless you opt out of this option in the dedicated field of the Cheese Club order form). Each parcel left at your doorstep contains ice packs to keep your products chilled.

If you opt out of the doorstep option, your box will be returned to warehouse for re-delivery the next day. Please be noted that all boxes are kept in a cold room and transported in a chilled environment.

We insulate our boxes and use chilling packs to keep your order fresh and in excellent condition until your order arrives at your doorstep. We ensure that the cold chain integrity is complied with all along the way: a chilled truck from producer to airport, chilled container in the plane, chilled truck from airport to our cold-rooms and then chilled environment again to deliver to your home. Please contact us at or by WhatsApp and telephone on +65 8683 0304 if you have any further questions.

Delivery is free for all orders equal to or exceeding SGD 120.

For orders below S$120, a fixed delivery fee of S$12 will be applied.

Cheese Club SG delivers to all locations island wide, Sentosa and dedicated SHN facilities included.

Please contact us for any delivery amendment. While we will do our best to oblige, we cannot guarantee same day re-delivery.

Please contact us for any delivery amendment. While we will do our best to oblige, we cannot guarantee same day re-delivery.


Our monthly offer runs once a month during one week (or so). During this week, you can place your order by filling out the purchase form available on

Once completed, submit and pay your order.

Please note that our cheese selection may vary from one month to another.

Our commitment has always been to bring premium French and European products to Singapore at the best price. Our bulk-order and direct access to suppliers guarantee no intermediary, no stock and no wastage, thus allowing us to offer the best prices in the city.

We accept most credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

We pride ourselves in providing products of high quality to our customers. However, should you find any damaged or missing product from your order, please contact us immediately at or through our Whatsapp / Telephone number +65 8683 0304 (in the event of damaged product, please attach photo(s) of said products). Our customer service representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Should you want to cancel your order for any reason, please inform us 7 days before your actual delivery as we purchase the goods on purpose each month. Later cancellations will not be refunded. You may cancel an order by contacting us on our Whatsapp / Telephone number +65 8683 0304 or by email at before the above-mentioned time limits.



Look at the ‘’USE BY DATE’’ written on your products. The ‘’BEST BEFORE DATE’’ will vary depending on the type of cheese. Soft cheeses tend to have a shorter shelf life, whereas hard cheeses could be kept up to 2 months. If you still have concerns do not hesitate to contact us by email at or through our Whatsapp / Telephone number +65 8683 0304

Some of our cheeses are cut by hand and the weight of each piece may vary. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the exact weight and that there might be a +/- 15% difference in weight.

This is not official advice, and we recommend referring to your doctor to make sure you are comfortable with what you are eating during your pregnancy.

As a rule, you can eat any cooked cheese. There is also evidence suggesting that hard, matured cheeses are also safe, even if they are unpasteurised.

You should avoid all soft cheeses unless it is cooked.

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Cheese Club delivers to all locations island wide (Sentosa included).

Monthly Offer
When ordering during our Monthly Offer, you will have the choice between 2 to 3 delivery days, available on a ”first come, first served” basis.

We strongly encourage you to leave special delivery instructions, available during the checkout of your order, to help with the delivery of your chilled box (e.g.: entry code, elevator code or shaft, tower number, leave with concierge…).

In case of absence, the general rule is that your chilled box will be left at your doorstep (note that the delivery person will also try and contact you using the phone number indicated at the time of your order). Unless you confirmed your imminent return over the phone, your chilled box will be left in an additional insulated container to optimize the freshness of the products.

Your chilled box also contains ice packs to maintain a chilled temperature for a few hours. It is normal that ice packs melt over time as the parcel are kept overnight in chilled temperature. It is the responsibility of the client to promptly collect the basket in case of absence and once it is delivered as instructed. Cheese Club will not be held responsible after a chilled box is effectively delivered by our delivery partners as instructed.

You can opt out of this service by selecting “In my absence, do NOT leave the chilled box at my doorstep” during the checkout of your order. Our delivery partners will then redeliver your chilled box in the same or next day at no additional cost.
However, in the event of two unsuccessful deliveries, you will be charged an extra SGD 10 for each new delivery.

We insulate our boxes and use ice packs to keep your order fresh and in perfect condition until your order is delivered to you. We notably use chilled trucks from our producers to the airport, chilled containers in the airplane and chilled truck from airport to our cold-rooms.  Please contact us at cs@cheeseclub.sgor by WhatsApp and telephone on +65 8683 0304 if you have any questions regarding the freshness of our products.
We may not deliver during bank holidays (please check the calendar entries in your cart), or in the event of exceptional events, such as natural disasters.
Lastly, due to the impact of Covid-19 on air traffic, we may need to adjust our local delivery schedule based on logistic constraints.
You can easily change your delivery date up to 7 days before your planned delivery date.
To change your delivery date, simply go to your profile, find your order and select a revised available delivery slot. In case you need to change your delivery date 7 days or less before the planned delivery date, please contact us directly by email at or by WhatsApp and telephone at +65 8683 0304: we will do our best to oblige, if allowed by our local delivery partners. 
Thanks for your understanding.