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Smoked Trout (Sliced)

Weight: 150

French Trout.

Discover the delicious sliced smoked trout from the Fumage du Val du Lys, raised in the fresh waters of northern France, salted wi

Explore the delectable slices of smoked trout from Fumage du Val du Lys, cultivated in the pristine waters of northern France. Trout, a freshwater fish, thrives in the cold climate regions of streams, rivers, and lakes. It’s worth noting that trout’s close relative is salmon, and the key distinction between these two fish is that salmon migrate to the ocean, while trout spend their entire lives in freshwater.

The trout undergoes a dry salt curing process and is smoked using beechwood. With less fat content compared to salmon, trout maintains similar characteristics, all while providing a milder and more refined taste.

Serve them on blinis with a touch of dill or plain crème fraîche for an elegant addition to a salad. Smoked trout pairs beautifully with dry white wines such as a dry Jurançon, a Pouilly-Fumé, or an Alsace Grand Cru.

Keep it in the fridge and consume within the expiration date.

Food Pairing:

Serve it on blinis with a little crème fraîche with dill or plain to embellish a salad.



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