A – Silly Session IPA (24x33cL)

Brewing beer is a traditional skill that has been passed down through 6 generations at the Silly brewery. Founded in 1850 and is today a reference in terms of quality. Each beer is brewed according to traditional methods with the best ingredients: pure water, unique yeast of which only the master brewer knows the secret, the best hops and quality malt.

This Silly Session IPA allows you to quench your thirst and enjoy the balanced flavors of malt and hops. Its aroma of citrus and exotic fruits is followed by a slightly bitter flavor. The quality of the malts and of the Citra hops make it a very refreshing beer. The alcohol content of this beer is 4.2%

It’s the perfect accompaniment to aperitifs with friends but also your meals. Silly Session IPA lightness makes it perfect for spring and summer. It also goes very well with fish.



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