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Serrano Reserva Ham 14 Months (Sliced)

Weight: 150

Serrano Ham stands as Spain’s favored everyday ham. The term “Serrano” originates from “sierra,” Spanish for mountain range, highlighting the age-old practice of air-drying ham in elevated terrains like the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Mountains. The crisp, arid climate enhances aging, lending the “pernil” – as ham was known until the 14th century – a distinct and exceptional flavour.

Serrano Ham boasts a luxurious, velvety, and subtly zesty profile. Its texture strikes a balance, firm yet not overly dry, setting it apart from drier cured hams. Additionally, Serrano Ham carries a slightly higher fat content, adding a rich dimension to its taste. This makes it a prime option for aficionados seeking a heartier, more robust ham flavour.

This Serrano Ham 14 Months is sliced, perfect for sandwichs or on a cheese and coldcuts platter to share with your loved ones!

How to eat?

Just remove from the package and enjoy!



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