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Maturation: minimum 3 months

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Pressed cheese

Another cheese with a centurial history! The peasants and farmers of the Middle Age organized their lives in relation to the production of this huge cheese wheel. In the spring, the farmers took their cows to the mountain pastures, where the air and the grass were better. Settled in traditional Burons, sort of stone constructions with slate roofs, they spent all the summer in there, isolated from the rest of the world. This summer pasture tradition has not been abandoned, even if farmers are no more cut from the outside world.

Salers can only be made from spring to autumn (from April 15 to November 15 provided that the animals are grass-fed).

Often compared to Cantal, but only made with Salers cow’s milk, this semi-hard to hard cheese has a yellow paste that tastes wild flowers, butter, and fresh grass.

To be enjoyed with a few nuts and a drizzle of honey for a perfect snack.

Wine Pairing:

Red wines (Red Rhône Syrah)
White wines (Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Apremont)

Appelation Origine Controlee (AOC) label
Appelation Origine Protegge (AOP) label

Average Retail Price in Singapore: SGD Exclusive



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