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Pastis 12/12

Serve with chilled water and ice cubes, 1 volume of Pastis for 5 to 7 volumes of water, according to your taste.

Pastis 12/12 is produced in the family distillery Cristal Limiñana, which is the oldest distillery in Marseille and one of the few still active in the Phocean city. The Pastis 12/12 combines vintage and contemporary design: the shape of 1950s glass carafe and a collector’s design, by the artist Quentin Monge.

Pastis 12/12 has notes of orange blossom, fig, myrtle, thyme, and a touch of sweet almond. Balanced with the aromas of anise.

Food Pairing:

Dry sausage, Dry beef sausage with Hazelnuts, Olives, Tapenade




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