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Organic Cherry Tomato on the Vine

Weight: 250

The tomato originated in Central America, where it was cultivated by the Aztecs. When the Spanish invaded Central and South America, they seized upon the exotic fruit and sent it back to Europe. Southern Europe then began using the fruit in their cuisines. Cherry tomatoes are a small variety of tomatoes that is named for its shape which looks like a cherry.

Cherry tomatoes share a resemblance in taste with their larger counterparts, yet their small size often results in a more intensified flavour. Radiantly sweet, these tomatoes boast a delicate, crisp skin that yields to an exceptionally juicy core.

These small balls will be the go-to of your aperitif!

You can store Cherry Tomatoes in the fridge for at least a week.

Food Pairing:

Perfect as a starter with Mozarella and Olive Oil.

Organic European Label
Organic European



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