Province of Salerno

Mussels Marinated with Chilli

Weight: 180

Crafted by Delfino Battista, a renowned artisanal producer, Mussels with Paprika are produced in the fishing village of Cetara. These mussels are raised respecting traditional and sustainable methods in the Province of Salerno.

This recipe enhances the flavour and aroma of mussels. It adds a bit of spiciness ensuring an even more delectable result.

These seasoned mussels are an excellent accompaniment to a glass of wine or a complement to vegetable dishes. Their aromatic and slightly spicy nature make them a delightful addition to salads or a flavourful choice for crafting appetizers.

Prior to unsealing, keep them at room temperature. After openng, store these marinated mussels in a refrigerated place to keep their quality for a couple of days.



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