Milk Chocolate (45% Cocoa) – Coconut Milk & Vanilla

Weight: 75

Menakao produces ethical bean-to-bar chocolate directly in Madagascar from Malagasy chocolate. That’s why they choose to pay tribute to the different ethnic groups’ faces present in Madagascar on their packaging.

A creamy and sublimely exotic milk chocolate with notes of coconut milk and vanilla.

The packaging shows the portrait of an Antaimoro man (“Those of the shores”) coming from the central east coast of Madagascar, whose cultivated people very early knew Arabic writing, the art of divination, and astrology. The Antaimoro people keep in large books called “Sorabe” (which means Great and Holy Writing) the stories, magic formulas (for medical purposes), and spells of the different Antaimoro clans.

Food Pairing:

Ideal with a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa or milk.



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