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Limoncello Della Costa

Made from lemon peels macereated in a neutral spirit, it is enjoyed as a disgestif or with a dessert.

Mainly produced in the South of Italy, this Italian lemon liqueur is Italy’s second most popular liqueur.
To make Limoncello, lemon zest or peels without the pith is immersed in grain alcohol until the Lemon oil is released. The yellow liquid that is yielded is then mixed with simple syrup resulting in Limoncello.

Limoncello Della Costa is made with fresh lemon peels of Sfusato PGI Lemon from the Amalfi coast only!

Great by itself as an after-dinner digestif or mixed in a cocktail, we recommend that you keep in your freezer and serve it chilled.

Food Pairing:

Sorbets, fruits and cheeses such as Ricotta, Mascarpone or cottage cheese. A well rounded drink for desserts.

0-2 ̊ C



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