Gouda Extra Old 1000 days

Weight: 180

Maturation: 1001 days

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Pressed cheese

The earliest reference to Gouda cheese can be traced back to 1284, making it one of the world’s oldest documented cheeses still being crafted today. Interestingly, Gouda cheese takes its name from the city of Gouda not because it was originally made there, but because it was traded there. In Dutch culture, cheesemaking was traditionally a role held by women, with farmers’ wives passing down their cheesemaking expertise to their daughters.

Our 1000 Day Aged Gouda has a yellow-orange paste with a firm texture. Rich in flavours, expect beautiful fruity and caramelized notes mixed with a roasted aroma. This aged cheese has crunchy crystals of amino acids in its paste that have developed during its long maturation process.

This Gouda makes a fantastic addition to any cheese board, especially when paired with a wine such as a crisp Sancerre or a Barolo. Whether coarsely flaked or diced into small cubes, this cheese also elevates the flavours of salads. Its rich, intense taste adds a delicious dimension to various dishes.

Place it in the fridge wrapped in cheese paper.

Suitable for Pregnant

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