Genovese Pesto

Weight: 200

Genovese Pesto, one of the most famous sauces, originates from the picturesque city of Genoa, Italy. It was there that Giovanni Battista Ratto, an Italian gastronomist, gained distinction as the pioneer to formally document the recipe in 1863. Its name comes from its main ingredient: Genovese basil.

Genovese Pesto offers an exquisite taste that harmoniously combines fragrant basil leaves, rich pine nuts, typical Italian cheeses, subtle garlic, and lush extra-virgin olive oil. This symphony of flavours creates a delicious experience for your palate.

Genovese Pesto is a very versatile sauce. You can of course add it to your pasta for a quick and delightful meal. You can also spread it on crusty bread as a bruschetta topping, add it in your salads et sandwiches, or even grilled meats.

You can keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks after opening.



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