Province of Verona

E – Valpolicella DOC, Camporenzo, Monte dall’Ora, 2019

Located within the picturesque Valpolicella in a natural amphitheater, Monte dall’Ora represents a family-owned winery led by Carlo Venturini and his spouse Alessandra since 1995. The profound reverence for the grapes, commitment to environmental harmony, and dedication to organic cultivation all serve as testimonies to an approach to viticulture that seeks not to impose upon nature, but to tenderly nurture it.

Exhibiting a captivating ruby red hue, this wine opens with delightful red fruit fragrances, notably cherries, complemented by subtle nuances of hay and spices, concluding with a delicate touch of vanilla. On the palate, it mirrors the aromatic impressions, all while upholding a slightly traditional yet precisely delineated character. Remarkably, the wine boasts an enticing intricacy and a well-built framework.

Ideal for pairing with Beef, Mushroom Risotto or Tallegio Cheese!

Food Pairing:

Beef, Mushroom Risotto or Tallegio Cheese

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella
Organic European Label
Organic European



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