Dôme Cendré

Weight: 130

Cheese Type: Uncooked, Unpressed, soft cheese with ash rind

Made by the Fromagerie du Thouet, located in Azay-sur-Thouet in the Deux-Sèvres region, Dome cendré is named after its shape and ash-coat. Ash-coated goat cheeses are a famous specialty of the region such as Sainte-Maure de Touraine or Couronne de Touraine.
This raw goat milk cheese is fresh and unctuous with nutty and acidulous notes. After a few weeks, the cheese will be firmer but will keep these light and subtle flavours.

Wine Pairing:

Red wines (Valencay, Arbois)
White wines (Sancerre, Jurancon Sec)




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