Dark Chocolate (63% Cocoa) – Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt

Weight: 75

Menakao produces ethical bean-to-bar chocolate directly in Madagascar from Malagasy chocolate. That’s why they choose to pay tribute to the different ethnic groups’ faces present in Madagascar on their packaging.

The crunchy cocoa nibs gives a rustic and robust touch and delightfully dances with the red fruit notes of the chocolate. The pinch of salt perfects the experience, bringing a pleasant feel, enhancing the subtle acidity of the cocoa beans.

The image corresponds to a portrait of a Tanala woman (“Those who live in the forest”). The Tanala people inhabit the forest region in the southeast of the island. This group derives almost all of its resources from the forest. Hunting, the collection of plants, from which they make their headdress, wild honey, but also the wood felling, the traditional cultivation of rice on “tavy” (land deforested by fire), and the cultivation of coffee are the main occupations of this forest population.

Food Pairing:

Ideal with a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa or milk.



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