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D – Saumur-Champigny AOC, Tuffe, Château du Hureau, 2018

Tuffe gets its name from the white-stone cave, locally called “tuffeau”, where this cuvée is aged, giving its unique wet stone flavor and earthiness to the wine.

Tuffe or tuffeau is a local name for the chalky limestone that is a pride in Loire Valley. These caves are hosting great wines which contributed to the region’s fortune, giving birth to some of the most famous castles in France.
A Loire wine at its best: earthy, leathery, and mushroom notes on the nose. In the mouth very nice roundness, melted tannins, crisp red and black cherries, with a subtle and light structure that finishes with elegant pepper notes. The wild flavours of this Cabernet Franc can be easily associated with multiple cheeses and meat dishes.

Wine Pairing:


Food Pairing:

All goat cheeses, Camembert, Feta

How to eat?

Cabernet Franc
Appelation Origine Controlee (AOC) label
Organic European Label
Organic European



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