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D – Pouilly Fumé AOC, Cuvée Majorum, Domaine Michel Redde, 2017

Betttane and Desseauve: 15.5/20

Tradition and modernity are not always incompatible. Vintage after vintage, Michel Redde, his son and grandsons have proved exactly this. United in their love for the Loire terroir, they produce Pouilly-Fumé worthy of cellaring, praised for their freshness and striking aromatic power. This wine is a reference when it comes to Pouilly-Fumé and one of the greatest representant of Sauvignon Blanc wines around the world.

Its complex nose is layered with exotic fruits and citrus underlined by floral notes. The complexity on the palate comes along a light honey and peach taste. Texture is both light and slightly salty. It is a masterpiece of wine that is produced only under exceptional vintages in very limited amount.

An excellent pairing for seared foie gras, salmon, lobster, and ashed rind goat cheeses.

Food Pairing:

Seared Foie Gras, Salmon, Lobster, Ashed rind goat cheeses

Sauvignon Blanc
Appelation Origine Controlee (AOC) label

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