Beef Ribeye, Angus Grain-finished (Chilled)

Weight: 1400

Comes fresh in one piece of 1.4KG. We recommend cutting in thick steaks for grilling and pan-frying, but it can also be sliced ​​thinly for stir-frying.
Can be frozen for longer preservation.

100% Natural Angus Certified Ribeye – Ribeye has long been known to steak lovers as the epitome of steak flavour.

It is found from the rib section along the back and runs from the Striploin to the Chuck, a support muscle that does little movement and is characterized by a rich marbling, which makes it a tender, flavourful, and juicy piece.

Wine Pairing:

Red Wine

How to eat?

Suitable for grill and pan-fry, can also be sliced ​​thinly for stir-fry.

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